All you need to know about Funko Pops

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If you’re reading this, you either want to start collecting Funko Pops, or you already do. We contacted a few Funko Pop fans, and the result is this ultimate guide to collecting these iconic plastic figures. The book covers the fundamentals of gathering and helpful tips and tactics. POPs are mass-produced collectibles, with individual figurines minted in quantities exceeding 10,000. Given the market saturation and widespread availability of most POPs, the vast majority never accrue value.

Funko Pops are vinyl figures with enormous heads and eyes that get inspired by movies, pop culture, and everyday life. On the market, there are over 8,000 different characters and dozens of categories. In recent years, Funkos has grown in popularity all across the world. To get your favourite pops click mha merch. There are communities all over the world that exchange the photographs of their collections with one another.

What are the many sorts of Funko Pop?

The sheer amount of Funko Pop categories is mind-boggling. My Hero Academia, Harry Potter, Marvel, Disney, Star Wars Game of Thrones, and Stranger Things are among the most popular. For a complete list of categories, check mha merch.

Sizes of Funkos:

Funko Pop figures come in a variety of sizes. The small ones (4′′) are the most prevalent, but there are also six inches and even ten inches.

Finishes of Funkos:

These Funkos have a sepia color scheme. Take a look at the Wonder Woman image below:

White and Black:

You can find “vintage” designs on several Funkos.

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These Funko figures appear to be invisible due to the polish.


Metallic Funko Pops are also available on the market.


These pops are similar to the “invisible,” although they are slightly different.


Glossy is our favorite type of finish. These funkos come in a variety of colors with a shiny finish.

Why did you decide to start collecting Funko Pops?

The issue is, why would you begin collecting Funkos in the first place? The answer isn’t simple. Many people have fallen in love with fictional characters. Do you recall seeing My Hero Academia, Thor, Harry Potter, Iron Man, Forrest Gump, and other films for the first time? Consider having a little plastic figurine of your favorite character that you can display on a shelf in your bedroom. If you believe that collecting Funko Pops will make you wealthy in the short term, you will be disappointed.