Everything to Know About Amazon Brand Registry

improve your business

If you are looking to protect your brand or products on Amazon, then Amazon Brand Registry will be the best way. Suppose you have the registered trademark, then you may inform Amazon and stop anyone from using your product or brand there. The trademark registration & subsequent brand registration is a best way you can protect the product listings on Amazon from hijackers, for more details on how it works check out Zonbase Blog.

Amazon Brand Registry Benefits to Look At

As per Amazon, over 130,000 brands across the world have got Amazon brand registration, on an average; they are finding and reporting over 99% lesser suspected infringements before launching their Brand Registry.

Right brand representation

Brand Registry offers you complete control over your Amazon product pages, which use the brand name, hence customers are possible to see the right information linked with your brand.

Improve product sales & drive higher conversions

What happens if Amazon protects the brand data as well as removes fraudulent listings associated to your brand or products from the platform? Naturally you will see increase in the sales. When the customers type in search terms, they will find only your products & not others on Amazon.

improve your business Brand-building

On Amazon, you can build & grow your business just by taking benefit of the tools such as Enhanced Brand Content, Sponsored Brands, Stores, and Brand Dashboard.

Understand your customers better with the data-driven analytics

Know: how cicely you know your users? Understanding your audience needs or what makes them purchase is quite important in delivering the top results on Amazon. And with the Amazon Brand Registry’s analytics feature, you can get an access to the data on your customer search as well as buying behavior of the target customers.

You can identify instantly which products or items are working best with your type of audience, what are the search terms that your audience type in frequently, and certain key demographics.

Proactive brand protections

Besides standard proactive measures of Amazon that will protect the customers, Brand Registry makes use of information you offer about the brand that will implement predictive protections, which try to identify & remove bad listings.

  • Product listings not for your brand & incorrectly make use of your trademarked terms or keywords in their titles.
  • Pictures that have your logo, and are for the products that do not carry your product name.
  • Sellers and shipping products from the countries where you don’t manufacture and distribute the brand.
  • Product listings created with the brand name while you have listed the complete product catalog