Feel The Traditional Way Of Smoking With Cool Glass Bongs

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We have seen for years how the trend of smoking is changing. Earlier, people used to smoke from chillums, then came started with glass pipes, then glass bongs, and smoked directly from cigarettes. With the evolution of cigarettes, people have realized that using smoking substances directly from the mouth can be injurious. For that reason, they are going back to older styles of smoking and are making them such that they are sustainable nowadays. Today amongst many smoking devices, this article will discussĀ Cool Glass Bongs made sustainable and customized to fit the unique taste of every user. With its working, we will also discuss different types of glass bongs and their sizes.

What are glass bongs?

Glass bongs are devices that smokers use to smoke tobacco safely and healthily. These are spoon-shaped bongs, which have a deep inversion on one side to store tobacco, and on another side, there is a pipe that enables the smoker to smoke.

These glass bongs are available online in many types, such as scientific, heady, bubblers, or cutting-edge glass pieces. All these bongs are of different designs, sizes, and perc action suitable for every user.

What are the different types of glass bongs?

The different types of glass bongs available in the market are:

  • Zong: These Zongs have a bowl, neck, and downstream. These bongs start their name with Z because the neck appears to be in Z shape. This neck is also helpful in working as an ice pinch and built-in splash guard.
  • Buoy Base: These Buoy Base bongs are shaped like donuts, with the base flattened and round, looking like a bubble base, and having a sturdy beaker, keeping the bong safe and classy. These round-shaped bongs are ergonomic and provide a good grip while smoking.
  • Teardrop: These bongs are supremely cool rigs that look like inverted beakers. The bottom of these bongs has a pinched design that enables the procedure of diffusion that is not impossible in water pipes.

The bongs on these websites can be customized for loved ones. Smokers can also order many glass pipes matching their dress if they go to a function or a wedding. These glass bongs come in many shapes and styles, such as pumpkin, snowman, pineapple, and much more, to entice young smokers towards them.

If you like to smoke with style, do not miss these cool glass bongs, as it is safe and gives you the traditional feel of smoking.