How To Get An Immigration Lawyer In Toronto, ON?

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Are you looking for an Immigration lawyer In Toronto, ON? Come and let us give you a chance to enlighten you with some knowledge so immigration is when someone moves to a different country permanently and gets citizenship for them. Getting citizenship of a country forever. And Toronto is one of the most amazing places in Ontario, Canada. Toronto is also the capital of Ontario province in Canada. Toronto contains most of the population in Canada and Also, it comes forth when talking about the most popular cities in North America.

Toronto is one of the cities, which is the center of everything. Either it is related to finance, business, arts, or culture.,It possesses people of different and various other cultures from the world. Now coming upon,

How to get a lawyer in Toronto, ON?

Well, a lawyer in Toronto, charges a fee of $300 per hour with an experience of 10 years and the business lawyers charge a fee of $350-$700 per hour. However, it takes time to understand the case properly. So that proper and correct directions can be provided. You can also get access to free lawyers by contacting their free legal advice hotline. They will provide you with assistance for up to 30 minutes. Also, if you cannot pay for a lawyer then you can also apply to legal aid and they will provide you access to the client service center.

Although, we will not advise you to consider Pilkington law firm because that is a gem in this work. They have experience of so many years. They also have a whole team to help you out. There are some key features about the law firm, with which they benefit you a lot like

  • They offer you an attorney consultation for five minutes.
  • They gave you all the information you need about a student visa.
  • They also enlighten you with the assistance of business immigration.

What are the other services they can provide?

The law firm provides you with information about immigration to Canada, the U.S.A, and business immigration. They also can provide you with a family green card, and fiancé sponsorship. So thinking about immigration to Toronto, ON is a good option, Indeed.