Some of the Common Issues Associated with the Soffit and Fascia

Soffit and fascia are the important parts of the roof that provides various benefits to the home. Since it is being an exterior element it may encounter various kinds of issues. Let us see some of them.

Fungus Formation and Decay of wood

Soffit and fascia are commonly designed using the material called wood since it is inexpensive and some sort of flexible. Wood has the ability to decay with respect to time as well as other atmospheric factors. The presence of moisture over the wood also causes rotten which really reduces the strength of the wood making that weak. This can be avoided by properly and regularly painting the wood by using good quality prime and paint. This way can restrict the decaying process of wood by closing the holes and crack present in it. Apart from this, we may avoid the decaying of wood by capping the wood using the other sheets made up of aluminium and vinyl. Actually, this capping will support increasing the aesthetic of the home. Dry rot is another issue related to soffit and fascia made up of wood. Actually, this is not an issue raised by the moisture presence. The fungus was grown in between the wood fiber causing dry rot. The fungus can easily spread over the entire surface of the wood. Tapping gently the wood by using tools like a screwdriver can identify the presence of fungus. If confirmed then the house owner needs to contact the technician in view of replacement.

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Installation Fault

Installing the soffit and fascia is a crucial one during construction. Since it provides support to the roof hence should install correctly. Incorrect installation will lead to damages by the airflow and other certain elements related to weather. The damaged soffit and fascia st louis mo is not good for the home hence it will affect the temperature maintenance and ventilation process of the home.

Trespass of Insects and Birds

Bees, small rodents, birds, and other pests are able to set up their nests easily in the soffit and fascia st louis mo. It will affect the ventilation process of the soffit and fascia also reduce the aesthetic nature of the home. Hence properly sealing up the soffit and fascia will not allow to happen this.