The most common form of child custody

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After the divorce case is settled the court decides even about the child custody. Like, how much time the child will be spending with the mother and father. There are different types of child custody that can be agreed on this is decided by the parents or the judge. All the terms and conditions are accepted by both parents at the time of divorce. The case goes to trial when the parents are not able to come to any conclusion. With the help of a child support attorney the points of each parent are put forward to the judge. If there is no threat to the child the judge usually approves the points put forward by the parents. Once the judge approves it becomes a court order. And in any case, if any of the parents do not follow the court order then the other person can file a case. Let us look into some of the forms of child custody.

Sole custody

  • Sole custody means that the responsibility of the child is solely given to the single parent. This is a very rare case; it can happen only if one of the parents is drug-addicted and cruel. Once the custody is given to one parent then the other parent does not have any responsibility for the child. The sole custody is again divided into two parents.
  • The first one is sole legal custody and the second one is sole physical custody. In sole legal custody, the parent who has got the custody has all the rights to choose the schooling, religion, and other matters without the concern of the other parent. And in sole physical custody, the noncustodial parents do not have any right to raise a concern about the rising of the child. But court permits them to meet the child vocationally.

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Joint custody

  • In joint custody, both the parents have equal rights in upbringing the child. The rules of joint custody may be different in each country. The joint custody is also divided into two parents like sole custody. And they are joint physical custody and joint legal custody. In joint physical custody, the child can stay at both the parent’s house and the parents have to corporate with each other for raising the child. And in Joint legal custody the child will stay with one parent but both the parents will be involved in making decisions for the child.

Physical custody

  • In physical custody, the child needs to live with the parent to whom the court has given the custody orders. The noncustodial aren’t can visit the child as per the rules. If both the parents are unfit to take care of the child then the court can give custody to the grandparents. 


Finally, the child will be able to accept the change easily if the parents cooperate after divorce.