Tips To Manage Your Luscious Locks On Down-Do Wedding Hairstyles

Not all women want to put their hair up on their wedding day. Some would want to keep their locks loose. However, if you do not know how to tame your hair correctly, they can quickly turn into a greasy mess. So if managing your down-do hair on your wedding day, here are some tips for you.

Keep Stray Hair Away From Your Face

Remember that the fewer hair that is framing your face, the lesser problems with grease. And this is a common problem, especially when it’s too windy or humid during your wedding. So when discussing your hairdo with your chosen stylist for hair and make-up in San Bernardino, you can suggest pulling all of your hair back. You can use fancy hair clips or add some braids on the sides so that you can keep all those stray hair in place.

Wedding Hairstyles

Pick A Style That You Like

Boring is never fun, especially on your wedding day. Yes, you can opt for a natural look, but that doesn’t mean that you should go with your usual side-swept do. Do not be afraid to play around with different hairstyles. And this is where the test hairdo becomes essential. You can set an appointment with your hairstylist for a couple of times to make sure that you achieve the hairstyle that you want to have on your wedding day. You can keep it simple and use accessories like clips, ribbons, flowers, etc.

Dry Shampoo Can Help

If you have a greasy scalp problem, the solution is dry shampoo. This is one of the best inventions for oily hair. If you don’t have one in hand, you can use cornstarch. During your powder break, rub some to the roots of your hair and wipe the residue off. The cornstarch technique might not be the best solution for women with dark hair, but is a go-to solution to those with lighter hair color.

Work With Your Natural Hair Color

It would help if you never fought with the natural texture of your hair. So when you have curly hair, you can tame it by using a curling iron to achieve neat waves. And for women with straight hair, you can spray on some products to add more texture and volume. Then you can polish using a hair straightening iron.

Natural Hair Color

Keep A Hairspray For Emergency

Also, keep a hairspray with your dry shampoo. Hairspray is one of the most important things in your emergency bag for your wedding day. The hairspray can help keep every strand of hair in position despite the movement of your veil or the strong winds. But use hairspray sparingly. No bride would want to end up with a stiff hairdo in her wedding pictures.

Again, your hair is as vital as your make-up. So if you want to look your best with your hair down no matter what the weather is, make sure that you have the above tips taken care of. This way, you know that you are ready no matter what happens.