What Are The Different Ways To Consume Shelf Delta 8 Flower?

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Cannabis is a drug that people use for different purposes. Cannabis is also a plant that people can purchase and then consume. There are many types of ways to consume cannabis, some of which may last longer than others depending on your preference. One way to consume cannabis is by smoking theĀ top shelf delta 8 flower from the leaves or buds, which has THC and CBD in it. Another way to consume cannabis would be tinctures, edibles, oils, and tea made with leaves or buds of the marijuana plant.


Smoking marijuana is a popular way to consume cannabis. This is because smoking the plant provides those who smoke it with a better rush than consuming it in other forms. When you smoke, you are inhaling all the chemicals from the leaves and buds of the marijuana plant, which vaporizes when they are burned. The effects of smoking marijuana can be felt quickly, but they tend to last up to 2 hours and sometimes lesser or longer when compared to edibles or tinctures.


Tinctures are cannabis extracts that people can use to consume marijuana. Tinctures are made from alcohol and the chemical THC that is found in the buds and leaves of the cannabis plant. The THC is dissolved into the alcohol, which then becomes extremely potent. In order to make tinctures, you will need a jar, a jar lid, tincture bottles, alcohol, buds/leaves of cannabis plant and a seal for the tincture bottle (so you can shake it). The bud or leaves need to be in a powdered form before putting them into the jar with the alcohol. Put the lid on the jar and shake it for about a minute. Keep shaking it for about 4 hours and then strain the alcohol from the plant material. This can be put into a tincture bottle then stored in a cabinet.


Edibles are cannabis food items that people make by mixing or grinding buds, or leaves with butter or oil and then putting them in food items. Edibles usually take longer to consume than smoking marijuana, because they need to be digested before you feel the effects of smoking cannabis. However, this doesn’t mean edibles last longer than other methods, because some can be digested faster than others depending on how they were made and what they contain (such as certain oils).


Oil is made from the cannabis plant but in a different way than tinctures or edibles. It is taken from the flowers without grinding it into a powder and then mixing it with oils and other ingredients like flavoring. Oils are usually applied to the skin because of how fast they can be absorbed by your skin, leaving you high within minutes